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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Helping Students with Behavior Problems

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Special Note to Another Teacher CUE

Things don't always go smoothly when our wonderful students come back to school. How do we help students with behavior problems?

We recently had some younger elementary students not wanting to stay in their seats. Instead of continually telling them to sit down, here are some intervention ideas to treat the children with dignity and respect...while helping them become great classroom learners.

Create a "special note" cue in your building. For example, "We have a meeting at 4:00." If little Johnny is having a hard time focusing or if he needs to take a break to prevent major escalation, have him deliver this note to any teacher. It would be preferable to choose a teacher, custodian, counselor, etc., who Johnny prefers and has developed a positive rapport.

When the receiving adult receives your note, he/she will know this "cue" and will take a few moments with the student to provide the break he needs. When the student has deescalated or has gotten the "wiggles" out, send him back to the classroom with the note, "Thanks for the reminder!"

Try it. It is a great way to accomplish your intended goal (a focused learner) while respecting individual needs of all students!

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