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Monday, December 17, 2012

Students Can't Sit Still?

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My how have times changed. No longer do we believe children must sit absolutely still and quiet in order to learn. There is so much research on brain development, movement, time on task, and more.
Research shows that movement fires the brain and increases achievement. But how do we encourage movement without losing learning and time on task?

Here are some ideas:

1. Flexible Seating

2. Student Centered Classroom

3. Project Based Learning

4. Positive Behavior Supports

5. Brain Breaks

Hip Hop Style

There are also some resources you may purchase from our Amazon Associate store to help students focus.

The first item is a Balance Disc. It is typically for exercise and fitness.  However, this air filled balance disc is fabulous for proprioceptive sensory input.  Student with autism, attention deficit disorder, and many other students will benefit from these discs. Just place these on the students' seats to help focus and increase time on task. These could be used on the carpet for opening group times, in each student's chair, or in special learning centers. They are also great at home at the dinner table or the home school learning table!

Behavior Management Teachers Pay Teachers Promoting-Success

 balance disc for classroom sit still movement autism special education

You may also wish to use fidgets.  According to Zentall, an activity that uses a sense other than that required for the primary task — listening to music while reading a social studies textbook — can enhance performance in children with ADHD. Doing two things at once, she found, focuses the brain on the primary task.

 Mesh-and-Marble Fidget Toy (8-pack) - Stress / Anxiety Relief for Adults and Kids - BPA Free

 Kore Patented WOBBLE Chair, Made in the USA, Active Sitting for Toddler, Pre-School, Kids, and Teens; Kids don't have to sit still anymore - "The BEST seat in any Classroom"!

 Gaiam Kids Stay-N-Play Balance Ball

 Bouncy Bands for Chair (Blue support pipes)


Task cards also support movement in the classroom!  Check out this freebie at
 Teachers Pay Teachers  Promoting-Success!


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