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Friday, January 25, 2013

How to Teach Problem Solving to Kids

I wanted to share this video about being stuck on an escalator.  We have used it in some professional development meetings.  It can be relevant to so many topics: thinking outside the box, teaching problem solving skills, leadership, taking action, and more.

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Stuck on an Escalator - Take Action

Problem Solving Video


Take Action Motivational Video


You may also like this problem solving poster from our TpT store:

Steps to Problem Solving Poster

 problem solving poster school counseling strategies

This adorable, printable owl poster makes a nice problem solving anchor chart to help students remember the steps to good problem solving.

Step 1: Define the Problem
Step 2: Ask Questions
Step 3: Think of Possible Solutions
Step 4: Test Your Ideas
Step 5: State the Solution
Step 6: Evaluate the Solution

You will actually receive a second problem solving sign as well! (GATOR)

GIVEN: What is the important information?
ASK: For what is the question asking?
THINK: What is the last step? Estimate.
ORGANIZE: What operations? Make a plan.
REASONABLE: Does your answer make sense?
I'm owl-ways proud of you when you use your strategies!

You will receive TWO printable problem solving posters.


You may also like these resources from our Amazon Associate store:

 school counseling conflict resolution ball


 the solution ball

 school counseling problem solving cards

 conversation starters problem solving for kids


 the coping game for kids


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