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Friday, January 4, 2013

Marcel the Shell Book and Activities for Kids

We know that when students are motivated and engaged in a lesson, they LEARN!

The real question do we keep them motivated?

One easy way is to RELATE to their world.  Have real conversations with your students and find out what the latest and greatest is - whether on twitter, YouTube, TV, etc.  My three daughters have helped me stay in touch with their current reality.  Here is the Marcel the Shell video they showed me while ago.  It has tons of language arts teaching opportunities (yes - common core standards)  for your classroom!

marcel the shell book activities for kids

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Here is the video:

Marcel the Shell Book and Activities for Kids

Activity 1: 

In the beginning of the video, Marcel shares what he likes about himself. Students complete an "All About Me" type of book or project.

Activity 2: 

As students watch the video, create a vocabulary wall for unfamiliar words or spelling.

Activity 3: 

When Marcel is talking on the telephone, you see a stack of quarters. Students can estimate how much money they see. This may continue into a counting coins lesson.

Activity 4: 

Create a list of everyday objects Marcel uses for a much different purpose. For example, he uses a raisin as a bean bag chair. He uses a Dorito to hang glide! LOL Students may then list other everyday objects and brainstorm other (unusual) uses for Marcel.

Activity 5: 

Marcel uses a piece of lint for a pet dog. The students may research and write about the "Pet Rock" phenomenon. (Actually, Marcel is a "Pet Shell!")

Activity 6: 

 Students can create other "pets": - such as, Brock the Rock, Rox the Box, Mel the Bell, and so on. Student can also practice rhyming skills.

Activity 7: 

 Students write about future adventures Marcel experiences.

Activity 8: 

 Students create slideshows or movies about their newly created "pet." Students will experiment with technology.

Activity 9: 

 Students create a habitat for their pet. Students must analyze and defend how the habitat works for "survival."

Activity 10: 

Research the creation of YouTube, reasons for posting videos, financial implications, safety concerns, etc.

Activity 11: 

 Students will research voices. Why is this voice so popular? How about commercials? Game show announcers?

Activity 12: 

This may not be a video you will use in your classroom, but Jenny Slate is Marcel's voice.


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