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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winter Fingerplays, Songs, Games & Activities for Kids

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It has been bitter cold here in Iowa.  However, we are looking for a warm-up next week. Yes, sometimes above 30 is considered warm! LOL  Here it is:


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Since we are still "enjoying" the winter weather, I thought I would share some fingerplays for winter. I apologize for not being able to quote the exact source of each one.  I pulled them from a file. ;) Please let me know if you know any so I can give credit.

Snowflakes falling, falling down, (flutter fingers)

The wind blows them round and round. (circular motion)

they whip and whirl in the air

Then land softly everywhere.


I built a snowman out of three balls - 1, 2, 3 (three fingers)

One ball was small, one middle-sized, and one as big as can be!

(form three circles, each larger)


I like to play in the snow, (flutter fingers)

But every time I want to go,

I hear my mom say, (hand to ear)

"It's a very cold day, (shiver)

Bundle up, zip up, (pretend to dress)

Boots, gloves, and hat on."

After I dress from here down, (point to head then toe)

I feel as clumsy as a clown. (act clumsy)

Dressing up sure is a bummer! (shake head sideways)

Why isn't there snow in the summer?


 I'm a Little Snowman Songs for Kids


Indoor Activities for Kids in the Winter


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Indoor Recess Games

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Free Printable Crossword Puzzle

Click on the picture to enlarge.  Then right click to print or save.


Free Printable Winter Day Mini Book

 free printable winter mini book for kids coloring worksheets

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