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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Classroom Activities, Games and Printables

Thanksgiving is almost here!

Here are some great activities, games and printables for kids.

 Thanksgiving posters

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Another Brain Break - Start DANCING!


Ten Facts About Thanksgiving

Use these for story starters or research topics.



How about a FUN Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt?


Dora is thankful and says, "Thank You!"


Thanksgiving Collage Ideas

Tear or cut pictures from magazines, copies of photos, etc. 

Glue pictures on a poster board. titled, "I am thankful for..."


Thanksgiving Day Finger Play

Every day when we eat our dinner,

Our table is very small. (palms of hands close together)

There's room for father, mother, sister, brother, and me -- that's all. (point to each finger)

But when it's Thanksgiving Day and the company comes.

You'd scarcely believe your eyes. (rub eyes)

For that very same table stretches until it is just this size! (spread hands wide)

(Author Unknown)


Turkey Chase Game

Sit in a circle. Use two balls, the first to indicate the turkey and second to signify the farmer. Different colored balls may be used. First ball is passed around the circle as fast as possible. Shortly after, start second ball around circle in the same direction. The object of the game is to make the second ball overtake the first. 


Pretend to be a small round kernel or popcorn with a little water inside. You are placed in a popcorn popper. You are becoming hotter and hotter. The water inside starts to expand. Finally you POP into a fluffy popcorn which bounces up and down!


Popcorn Song

(Tune: "I'm a Little Teapot")

I'm a little popcorn in a pot,

Heat me up and watch me pop.

When I get all fat and white, then I'm done,

Popping corn is lots of fun!


Animal, Bird or Fish

Mount three envelopes onto a large piece of cardboard or bulletin board. Glue a picture on each envelope to designate each category. Provide pictures of animals, birds, or fish. Sort into correct categories.


Free Thanksgiving Coloring Page

Click the picture to enlarge, then right click to save and/or print.


Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Pine Cone Turkeys


Toilet Paper Roll Pilgrims and Native Americans


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#1 Best Seller

 Thanksgiving Craft for kids foldable card give thanks

Students will draw or write on a foldable Thanksgiving card to show their appreciation for someone special. The are six variations of the ONE template, including open-ended options to meet the individual needs of all your students. This Thanksgiving activity works well year after year for multiple grade levels due to the different templates and writing or drawing options.


 free Thanksgiving printable writing papers literacy centers

Here are 3 printable writing pages. Each lined worksheet features different picture story prompt. These papers work well for elementary students, ESL, special education and autism. 

For 20 additional writing papers:


 free Thanksgiving math activities money games task cards

You will receive six printable task cards for students to practice adding money using pictures of coins and one dollar bills. They work well as a review, test prep or as a quick formative assessment. You will also receive 20 game ideas for math centers or stations. A student response form and answer key are provided. 

Task cards are a great alternative to worksheets. They can be used as a scavenger hunt game, SCOOT, SCATTER, math center independent work, game board cards, and more! Students love movement in the classroom, and brain research tells us movement increases achievement.

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 Thanksgiving ELA Grammar Contractions games activities

You will receive 6 grammar task cards for your literacy centers or stations. Students may have a scavenger hunt, play SCOOT or other games. Students will read the phrase and write the contraction on the student response form worksheet. An answer key is also provided for your convenience.

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 Thanksgiving math games 5th and 6th grade activities

You will receive six task cards for 5th and 6th grade students. A student response form and answer key are also provided. Task cards are a fun alternative to worksheets. Students may play SCOOT, have a scavenger hunt or play other games allowing for movement in the classroom.

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 Thanksgiving ELA grammar interactive notebook activities for kids

Each Thanksgiving turkey represents a part of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives or adverbs. Students color, cut and match the Thanksgiving turkey feathers to the correct Turkey. Blank templates are also provided for students to create their own Thanksgiving word lists if desired. Step by step photos and answer keys are included.

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 printable Thanksgiving posters classroom decor

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 printable Thanksgiving activities

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 Thanksgiving Charlie Brown Peanuts Classroom Decoration

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 Thanksgiving pencils classroom set for kids


 Thanksgiving coloring for kids

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