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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How to Teach Math Facts

This is a wonderful tip to help you teach math facts to your students.

It works great in a kindergarten, 1st grade or special education math center.

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Write all of the math facts on the bottoms of paper cups. 

(Optional: The answers may also be written on the inside of the cup.) 

Recycled Pringles cans work great for storing the cups in them.

Students look at the cup and solve. 

When the cup is answered correctly, that cup may be used in the creation of a tower. 

Students love building and as they learn, you will see some amazing, tall towers.



Your students will also like this math facts song.


How about an online math facts game for early finishers or center time?

Click the picture or go here to play:


I found this fun game on Pinterest. Click the picture or here to see how to play it:


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