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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Instead of a Word Wall Vocabulary Activities

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Fun Activities to Do Instead of a Word Wall



Instead of hanging your words on a word wall, place them on the floor instead.
 (You may want to laminate them.) 

Instruct students to stand in a large circle. Scatter the word cards throughout the middle of the circle. Have the students move in a circle motion while repeating this chant twice:





After the students say the chant twice, the teacher interjects:



Maddie would then move to the middle of the circle and STOMP on and off a word. After she stomps off, the students yell out the word. Maddie returns the the circle and the game repeats. 

This is a great way to create movement in the classroom, which brain research shows movement increases achievement.  I know your students will ask to play this AGAIN and AGAIN.


Word Cheers and Disco Words


Word Wall Wheel of Fortune Activity


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