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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Free Greater Than or Less Than Alligator Video and Poster

Your students will love this alligator video about greater than or less than. 
The adorable alligator is a great way to help the students remember.  
His mouth naturally creates the greater than or less than symbol!

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Greater Than Less Than Video


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 free greater than less than alligator poster

 comparing numbers alligator poster

This printable poster features Alvin the alligator off to eat a large lunch. Munch! Munch! It will help students with greater than, less than or equal to concepts. It will look great in your math centers or as reminders on each student desk. 

Print this in poster size or print them four to a page for student sized anchor charts.


 comparing 2 digit numbers task cards games

Here are 30 task cards for students to practice greater than, less than, or equal to. Ideas for games and activities in your centers or stations are included. A student response form and answer key are also provided.



 comparing 3 digit numbers task cards activities games

Here are 30 greater than less than task cards to use as a review, test prep, or games in your math centers and stations. Students will love the chomping alligators. A student response form and answer key are also provided.



 4th grade math comparing numbers

Here are 30 Common Core math task cards for 4th grade. Students will practice comparing two multi-digit numbers and answer greater than, less than, or equal. A student response form and answer key are also provided. These cards work well in math centers or stations as a review or for test prep. Game ideas are included.



 free how to use task cards in your classroom games and activities

★ How to use task cards in your classroom? ★

You will receive 20 games and activities to use with task cards. Brain research supports the connection between movement and learning. Evidence from imaging sources, anatomical studies, and clinical data shows that moderate movement enhances cognitive processing. Task cards offer an easy way to allow movement in the classroom while increasing student achievement.


 alligator math clip art tpt sellers

This alligator graphic helps students learn greater than or less than. You will receive one black and white PNG image and one color PNG image. These images will come as high resolution files with transparent backgrounds in a zipped folder. 


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You may also like these resources from our Amazon Associate store:

 alligator greater than less than games

Which number is greater, hungry gator? Interactive answer boards allow students to write two numbers or expressions, then move the hinged gator "jaw" to show which number is greater than, less than, or equal to the other number! Write & wipe boards feature movable gator symbol on the front, and room to write relational symbols (<, = and >) on the back. Includes activities aligned to the Common Core. Boards measure 11"L x 4"H. Grades K+/Ages 5+


 greater than less than math center chart

Related lessons and activities are provided on the back of every chart.
Each chart measures 17" by 22".
Shiny, protective coating for durability


 magnetic numbers and counters comparing numbers

The set is designed for use by children at all developing stages of math skills and numeracy. Ideal for homeschool and early childhood classrooms, this is the only math kit you will need as young learners advance from basic skills such as matching and sorting to solving arithmetic problems. Makes a great gift for teachers and homeschoolers.

Includes instructional guide with activity ideas for teaching your child the fundamental skills of matching, comparing, sorting, classifying, patterning, and counting. Use the guide to help your child, grandchild, or student build skills necessary to improve their mathematical literacy.


 greater than less than math book for kids

Spend the day with Gavin the Gator as he travels through his swamp looking for tasty numbers to eat. Swimming through the swamp, He's a skilled navigator. And only makes a meal Of the numbers that are greater. Children will enjoy learning about greater than and less than equations as they help decide which number Gavin will eat. Interaction is encouraged throughout the story. Enrichment activities are included at the end of the book. The charming illustrations, along with the rhythm and rhyme of the text, will draw children into the story as they learn this important math skill.


 greater than less than math balance

Equip the whole classroom with this student-size (14" x 5") version of the Math Balance. Students will easily grasp various number concepts because they can see the results! Display number relationships of equal to (=), greater than (>), or less than (<), basic operation skills and more with this self-checking balance. Includes 14" x 5" balance and 20 weights.


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