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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shadow a Student for a Day

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Have you ever shadowed a student for a day?

 Could you walk a mile in their shoes?

 Veteran teacher, Grant Wiggins, did it for a day. He shares the daily schedule, what he did in each class, his takeaways, and what he would do if he could go back (he is retired) to do it all again. It is an extremely powerful read. I think it would be great to use at the beginning of every single school year - whether teachers have read it a million time or not. Better yet, arrange to make it possible for teachers to shadow a student throughout the day. Would the results be different for K-3, 4-5, junior high or high school? Why? Should the results be different?

Could you walk a mile in your students' shoes? 

Head on over to read this great article by Grant Wiggins. It is a quick read and well worth it!

In summary, he discovers that students spend a whole lot of time sitting.  This "sit and get" approach doesn't allow for many higher level conversations and interactions.

So what can we do to help students obtain skills and concepts without just "sitting and getting"?

Task cards are also a great way to create movement in the classroom.  So how do you use task cards in the classroom?  This free download offers 20 ways to engage students.

 how to use task cards in the classroom

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 free task cards games activities math science literacy grammar

 free task cards math science literacy grammar games activities


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