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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How Are You Going to Teach Fractions?

Here are 12 books about fractions. 

You may watch the video to see the inside pages of each book. 

Scroll down for activities to go along with the books to help you teach about fractions.

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12 Fraction Books in 12 Minutes

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Fraction Fun by David Adler

 fraction fun book for kids

In this book, students learn about fractions with pizza and money. They learn about the numerator and denominator. The pages are very colorful in identifying and comparing fractions. There are 3 activities within this book with paper plates, weighing tissues and drawing on graph paper.



Pizza Counting by Christina Dobson

 pizza counting fractions book

This book shows pictures of some creative pizzas using math concepts. Most concepts are addition; however, a few pages do address fractions. Fun facts are included about pizzas throughout the book.



Fraction Action by Loreen Leedy

 fraction action book for kids

This book begins by teaching students about halves, thirds and fourths. The students in the book give examples of each. Your students would enjoy sharing their own examples as well. In the last half of the book, there are three mini stories about fractions in the real world. 



 fractions as parts of a whole book

In this book, the author uses comical characters to show how fractions work by splitting whole objects into parts. The divide everything from pieces of pizza to groups of people into halves, thirds, tenths and more. Rhyming words are also used in this book.



 fractions definition

This book introduces halves, thirds and fourths with intriguing puzzles and geometric images. 



 the wishing club a story about fractions

Petey wishes on the first star he sees, but instead of the dollar he hopes for, he gets only a quarter. The next night his little brother Joey wishes for a cookie--and gets just half of one. The twins, Sally and Samantha, don't fare much better. Try as they might, the children each wind up with a fraction of what they wished for. Can they figure out how to combine their wishes to wind up with one whole, happy pet?



Working With Fractions by David A. Adler

 working with fractions book for kids

This book uses a birthday party to help students learn about fractions. The pages are full of color and details. Students use fractions with pizza, cake, children, money, and more! They also learn about the numerator and denominator. There is an activity using sheets of paper that students could do along with the book. 



Superhero School by Aaron Reynolds

 superhero school fraction books

This is fun book about a boy that headed off to Superhero School! However, he didn't think it was very fun because they were only teaching him math concepts. When ice zombies kidnap the teachers, the boy and his classmates must use math concepts, including fractions, to save the day! 



Piece = Part = Portion by Scott Gifford

 fractions decimals percents with pizza for kids math

This is a simple, little book showing how to write fractions as decimals and percents. Your students will love the real life photographs!



 jump kangaroo jump literature book about fractions for kids math

This is a cute story about animals participating in a field day. Your students will learn about fractions as the animals divide into team for a tug-of-war, canoeing race and a swimming relay race. 



Polar Bear Math: Learning About Fractions from Klondike and Snow 
 by Ann Whitehead Nagda and Cindy Bickel

 winter math polar bear fractions literature book

Student will love reading about two baby polar bear cubs who were abandoned by their mamma. They were handraised at teh Denver Zoo. The right hand pages tell the story about the cubs growing healthy. The left hand pages tell how fractions were used while raising the bears.



Fractions = Trouble! by Claudia Mills

 fractions literature book for kids

This is a story about a boy who has always struggled with math. Now, his parents are getting him a tutor to help him learn fractions! Your students will enjoy this 113 page book about math, fractions, family ties and friendship.


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