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Monday, November 10, 2014

Free Thanksgiving Crafts, Games and Activities for Kids

Enjoy these free Thanksgiving crafts, games, activities and other fun ideas!

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids Teachers Pay Teachers Promoting-Success

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Art Activities:

Thankful Poster: Gather old magazines,catalogs and shopping ads. Parents are happy to donate these items! Have students cut or draw pictures to represent what they are thankful for this holiday season.


Hand Turkey Craft:

Students trace their hands on a piece of paper.  On the thumb, students can add an eye, beak and wattle.  Students may color the fingers any colors for the feathers of the turkey.  They may choose to make them more colorful!  Students can draw legs at the bottom of the palm.

Click HERE to explore some handprint designs on Pinterest:

 turkey hand print handprint craft


Thanksgiving Fingerplay:

Good manners I show (point to self)
Wherever I go. (make two fingers walk)
"Excuse me, please," and "thank you," (three fingers)
Are just a few words
I should know. (point to self and shake head vertically)


Thanksgiving Vocabulary Words:

abundance, blessings, corn, cornucopia, cranberries, dinner, eat, family, feast, gobble, gratitude, holiday, Indian, joy, kernels, laughter, maize, Mayflower, Native Americans, occasion, pie, parade, relatives, squash, sweet potato, welcome

For more Thanksgiving words, click here.


Thanksgiving Game:

Turkey Chase - Students sit in a circle.  Give the students two different colors balls or different colored gourds, apples, etc.  One item represents the turkey.  The second item represents the farmer.    The students begin passing the turkey.  Shortly after, the students begin passing the farmer in the same direction around the circle.  The object of the game is to make the farmer catch the turkey.

You may also wish to use these resources from Amazon Associate for this game:

 stuffed turkey toy for classroom Thanksgiving games

 stuffed farmer man toy for Thanksgiving Classroom games for kids


Thanksgiving Creative Play Brain Break for Movement in the Classroom:

Students pretend to be a small round kernel of popcorn with a little water inside.  Students pretend to be placed in a pan, microwave or popcorn popper.  Students may be squatting in an open area on the floor or gymnasium.   It is getting hot, hotter, even hotter!  The water is starting to expand!   Finally, the students begin POPPING into a popcorn bouncing up and down.


Turkey Feather Races:
This activity works best in a hallway, along the back of a classroom or across a long table.  Each student has their own straw and feather.  Students take turns racing each other by blowing the feather from one designated location to the next.


Thanksgiving Mayflower Song:

(Tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

Sail, sail, sail the Mayflower
Slowly across the sea.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
Pilgrims are now free.

Don't forget to have students try to singing this in rounds! A round in when at least three students sing the exact same melody in unison but with each beginning at different times in the tune.

 row row row your boat book


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 Thanksgiving craft foldable card craftivity

Students will draw or write on a foldable Thanksgiving card to show their appreciation for someone special. The are six variations of the ONE template, including open-ended options to meet the individual needs of all your students. This Thanksgiving activity works well year after year for multiple grade levels due to the different templates and writing or drawing options!


 Thanksgiving no prep printable worksheets for kids

Your students will enjoy these printable Thanksgiving activities including a word search, a word scramble, alphabetizing worksheet, sentence writing worksheet, acrostic poem writing activity and a thank you letter writing activity. Answer keys are included for the word search, word scramble and alphabetizing worksheets. Rubric assessments are included for the Thanksgiving writing activities.


 Thanksgiving vocabulary crossword puzzle for kids

You will receive a Thanksgiving crossword puzzle, vocabulary word bank, definition page and an answer key. These worksheets work well for ESL, special education, early finishers, literacy stations and more.


 Mayflower Thanksgiving reading comprehension social studies worksheets

In this social studies or literacy packet, you will receive a Mayflower nonfiction, informational text passage, reading comprehension questions, a cloze reading activity, vocabulary practice, creative writing paper, and answer keys.


Click the turkey to see 40+ more printable Thanksgiving resources for math, literacy, social studies, special education and more.


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