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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Baby It's Cold Outside - Indoor Winter Recess Game

Winter Activities Teachers Pay Teachers Promoting-Success

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Baby It's Cold Outside! Here in the state of Iowa, we are having a hard time reaching 0 degrees Fahrenheit! All the schools were closed yesterday due to -40 below wind chills. They had a late start today since we may reach 1 degree! Here is a photo of sun dogs taken from our backyard.

Winter Activities Teachers Pay Teachers Promoting-Success

The cold weather brings on indoor recess.  This can create some long days for teachers!  I came up with an indoor recess game that will create structured movement...movement with a purpose, not just running around the room! LOL  If you are lucky enough to live in a place where indoor recess isn't a thing, you may still play this game as a brain break allowing for movement in the classroom.  Brain research shows us the movement helps fire neurons that increase student achievement.  Plus, it is fun!


Matching Mittens (or Gloves)

This game requires minimal prep work. You may purchase mittens for everyone in your classroom. The dollar store is a great resources. You may purchase enough for one mitten per child or a pair for each child. It is best if you have several different ones. Most families have tons floating around their home, so you could also ask for each family to donate one pair. It doesn't matter if they are worn or have holes. :)

 12 pairs of kids mittens

 magic gloves mittens for kids neon

After you have enough gloves or mittens, hide them around the room.  You will need to decide if you want students to find one individual glove or their own pair.  If the students are to find only one glove, then they must find the other student with the matching glove.

If you prefer less competitive games, then have the students work as a whole team trying to beat the clock using an online timer or this fun one from Amazon.


Here are some additional game options:

1. Create a graph to chart how long the game takes the students.

2. Allow students to talk and help each other.

3. Do not allow students to talk and help each other.

4. Do not allow students to talk, but allow hand gestures.

5. Have students find as many pairs as they can. The student with the most pairs wins.

6. Designate a special pair of gloves. The student(s) that find the pair win special honors.

7. If you have students who will struggle with this game, allow them to hide the mittens and monitor the timer instead of searching for the mittens.

8. Hide a task card in each mitten. Students must answer the question in their mitten. Here are some winter task cards you may like to hide in the mittens:

 winter writing prompts story starters

 free winter math games task cards


This winter craftivity would also be a calmer indoor recess activity.

 winter activities crafts for kids


Your younger students may also like these file folder games:

 penguins winter file folder games

Your students could also assemble a winter fundraising project:

 winter fundraising gifts in a jar project

They could also make Soup in a Jar:

 soup in a jar winter crafts craftivity fundraiser


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