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Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Activities for School or Home

Here are some fun summer activities for school or home!  Students will make a collage craft, do a science sink or float experiment, read a swimming finger play, complete a dot to dot worksheet, play an online summer game, and more!

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1. Summer Collage

Cut pictures from magazines.  Students may glue or Modge Podge the pictures to poster board or to a trinket found at a rummage sale or Goodwill store.

2. Sink or Float Science Activity

Students will make a jello recipe and determine which fruits sink or float. Click HERE to download this free printable activity.

3. Summer Finger Play

Students will read and act out this swimming finger play.  Click HERE for the free download.

4. Going on Vacation

Arrange a variety of clothing on a table or center area.  Students must choose an article of clothing appropriate for various descriptions.  Here are some examples:

1. I'm going on vacations to a friend's house who has a pool.  What do I need for the pool? (swimsuit)

2. I'm going on vacation to hike in the woods.  What do I need for my hike? (tennis shoes, hiking boots)

3. I'm going on vacation to a zoo.  What do I need for my visit? (hat, sunscreen)

5. Summer Math Worksheet

Right click to save and print. (smaller size is a clearer image)

6. Summer Word Find

Right click to save and print. (smaller size is a clearer image)

7. Five in a Line Online Game

Click here to play on this fun website.

8. Summertime Craft - Jellyfish

Watch these videos to make adorable jellyfish!

9.  Summertime Craft Ideas

Here is a compilation of several summer craft ideas, including a stress ball, a cool hexaflexagon, a boomerang, and more!

10.  Saving the best for last... Frozen "In Summer" song!

BONUS: Click here to visit this Pinterest board with even more ideas (not affiliated with this board).

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