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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Free Weather Activities

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Ten Free Weather Activities for Kids


1. Weather Song Video


2. Free Weather Vocabulary Task Cards - Click HERE to download.


3.  Free Online Clouds Matching Game - Click HERE.



5. Free Types of Clouds Worksheet (Supplement to the video above!)


6. Free Printable Weather Coloring Pages - Click HERE.



8.  Free Hands-On Activities for Weather Video

Fast forward to 2:20 for a rain gauge, cloud in a jar, and a tornado experiment.




You may also like these resources from our store on TpT:

LUCKY 7.  My daughter has a nice weather unit packet with 3 no prep teaching activities.  

The first weather activity includes students identifying the elements of different storms in an active way! The second weather activity includes drawing and thinking about the positive and negative effects of weather. The third weather activity includes students writing in a weather journal to help them learn weather patterns and identify weather on their own!

 weather activities for kids

8.  Elements of Weather - Personal or Commercial Use Informational Text:  This one is my daughter's as well.  You have commercial rights to use it in your lesson plans to sell!

 weather reading passages

9.  Now for my mom's store! <3 She has several weather activities for younger students.  Her activities are also great for including students with special needs in the higher level courses!  Check out her photo puzzles:

 cloud formations puzzles

 weather cut and paste worksheets


You may also like these Amazon Affiliate resources:

 climate and weather activities

 what to wear weather activities for kids flannel board

 weather tracker bulletin board write on wipe off dry erase

 tornado tube pet

 weather window science kit

 weather BINGO game


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