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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How to Teach Students Empathy & Caring for Others

Empathy Activities and Games for Kids


NOTE: Click HERE to find the following activities in a no prep printable packet.


Activity 1: Defining Empathy

Instruct the students to draw four squares on their paper. 

Square 1: Define the word.
Square 2: Use it in a sentence.
Square 3: Write synonyms for the word.
Square 4: Draw a picture to demonstrate the word.

Click HERE for the free printable vocabulary activity and rubric.

 free empathy activities for kids

Activity 2:  Perspective Taking

Instruct students to role-play some scenarios that require perspective taking. 

Group 1:  Role play a student missing a basket in the final seconds of the game.
Group 2: Role play a student not included in a recess game.
Group 3: Role play a student who was the only one who didn't pass the test.
Group 4:  Role play a student who was preparing a speech to give in front of the whole school.
Group 5:  Role play a student who fell and was injured at recess.

Activity 3: Points of View

Read "The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs" and the original version as well.  

 true story of the three little pigs

Divide the students into two groups. One group must take the point of the view of the wolf. The other group takes the point of view of the pigs. Students may have a debate modeling how to respect others' points of view or they may write a letter to the other group.

Activity 4: Listening to Others

Students may sit in a circle. Begin the game by having the first person whisper a sentence in the next person's ear. Players continue to repeat the sentence by whispering it in the next players ear. The game continues until the last player hears the sentence. The last play says the sentence out loud so everyone may see if the sentence changed.

Instruct students to brainstorm individually or in groups at lease ten ways to improve listening skills.

Activity 5: Being Different is Beautiful

Instruct students to create classroom posters by completing the sentence, "Being different is _________." Encourage the students to draw colorful pictures to go along with their sentences.


Empathy Activities for Students

 printable empathy activities and games for kids


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