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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Winter Sports Activities for the Classroom

The National Endowment for the Humanities is a government website that has a nice write up about the first modern Olympics. 

What is super interesting is that you can also find first-hand reports from years of Olympic events through over 5 million digitized pages of U.S. historical newspapers. 

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Click HERE to read more from this website.

You may also like this free download for your students:

 ancient greece olympics acitivities

Students will need to use classroom resources or conduct their own research.


For a list of all the winter sports played in the Olympics, visit the official Olympics website HERE.

For example, if students wanted to learn more about curling, they could find the definition, equipment needed, the latest news, and featured athletes.

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If your students have a new inspiration to play some winter sports, they may play online.  Don't worry, you can make it educational as well.

For example, your students could play a ski jumping game HERE.

Activity Ideas:

1. Research ski jumping. When did it begin in competition? How do the athletes train? How fast to they go? How are they judged.

2. Create math word problems using ski jumping stats.

3.  Research and conduct experiments on how snow is made.

4. Engineer your own miniature ski (car) jump. Who can make the car go the farthest?

5. Plan an online game with ski jumping. When you are finished, write a creative story about your adventures. Add details to make it more real and interesting.


 Free Winter Sports Writing Papers

These writing papers may be used for note-taking, creative writing, letters to Olympians and more!


Pyeongchang is a county in Gangwon Province, South Korea. It’s known for Odaesan National Park. What else can your students learn about South Korea?

 Research Paper for Any Country

This is a great activity to research the country in which the Olympics are being held.


The New York Times also identified ways to use winter sports, specifically the Olympics, to teach across the curriculum.

Some ideas included writing activities, global politics, design and fashion, geography, physics, and more. For detailed ways to integrate these ideas into your curriculum, visit the article HERE.

 winter olympics ideas for your classroom activities


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