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Monday, June 24, 2019

Free Teaching Printables for Classroom Learning

What's under your kitchen sink?
Your bathroom sink?
In your bathroom cupboard?
I'm guessing a lot of half-full products.
Half-full cleaners that didn't eliminate that soap scum.
Generic window cleaner that left streaks.
Partially used hair products that lied about getting rid of frizzies...
or under-performed on making sexy, wavy beach hair.
This is exactly why I have over 200 free samples in my store.
I want you to try before you buy.
Use them in your classroom.
If they work well with your students, please come back and purchase the full-size resource.
If not, no hard feelings. I have lots more freebies for you to try.
I want you to use what works best for your students to promote the most success.

NOTE: If you came here looking for ways to declutter under your sinks,
please visit Margo at Joyful Homemaking. She's the dear that let me borrow her under the sink photo. 
Click HERE to visit her blog post on how to declutter.
If you are a teacher or homeschooler, click HERE to instantly download over 200 sample size resources in my store.

Thank you for working so hard for your students....
oh, and if you're on summer break, download a few freebies and then go to the beach with your sexy, wavy hair!
:) Shelly

Here are some favorite free teacher resources to get you started:


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