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Monday, July 8, 2019

Plant Activities for Elementary and Middle School Students

Summer is finally here!

And so are so many gorgeous plants!

I love walking around my yard and the neighborhood looking at all the lovely flowers and bushes.

I especially loved this spring when I was able to move all the leaves and debris from an especially hard winter...

....only to find lots of little sprouts just waiting for some sunshine!

It really is therapeutic.

Nature is amazing!

Maybe that's why so many wonderful teachers like you love my printable plant resources!

Here is what these teachers had to say:

On April 22, 2019, Bridgette H. said:
"I loved this resource! Very easy to use and extremely detailed and interesting!"

On December 12, 2018, Deborah H. said:
"Great for stations and personalized learning choices."

On May 11, 2018, Lucian I. said:
"Easy to follow directions. A variety of organizers and articles. Excellent resource."

Please click HERE to see all of these great resources to use with your students.


In this bundle, you will find:
  1. writing papers
  2. plant life cycle reading passages and comprehension questions
  3. vocabulary task cards
  4. vocabulary interactive notebook
  5. parts of a flower foldable activity
  6. parts of a flower vocabulary interactive notebook
  7. plant life cycle word find and cloze sentences
  8. plant life cycle accordion book
  9. STEAM plants project
  10. parts of a plant craftivity (free)
Here is a free video to supplement these activities:

Here is another one about photosynthesis:


Here's what some teachers have to save about this science freebie:

"What a great resource to accompany any plant unit!! I cannot wait to make these with my class!"

"This will be perfect when I have to have an activity where they can work independently, allowing me to focus on another group. Thank you!"

"Awesome! Thank you for this great resource!"


This is a really interesting way to teach about bullying using plants.

Finally, here is a sprouting peas experiment:

Another idea is to show your students flowers and bushes from your local environment. Students must research to find the name of the plant or bush, whether it likes sun or shade, if it is an annual or perennial, zone for growing, edible or not edible, toxic to cats or dogs, etc.

Here are some from my yard:


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