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Friday, October 13, 2023

Fall Writing Prompts and Coloring Pages for Elementary Students

Looking for some creative writing prompts for October or November?

Today I'm sharing some free fall writing prompts and coloring pages for your elementary students.

Free fall writing prompts and coloring pages worksheets

You may copy and use these autumn creative writing prompts in your classroom for personal use.

1. As the crisp October wind rustled through the trees, Lucy stumbled upon a mysterious key buried beneath a pile of colorful leaves. Little did she know, it was the key to a hidden world of fall enchantment.

2. In the heart of the autumn forest, a mischievous squirrel named Squeaky discovered a treasure map half-buried in the fallen foliage. With excitement in his heart, he set off on an adventure to uncover the secrets of the hidden treasure.

3. Sarah watched in awe as the sky filled with countless geese flying in perfect V formations. What if they were heading somewhere magical? With that thought, she followed them into the unknown.

4. In the cozy town of Mapleville, a peculiar antique store appeared overnight, brimming with mysterious, enchanted objects. It beckoned curious souls to discover its secrets amidst the falling leaves.

5. As the sun set over the autumn horizon, Max found an ancient, leather-bound book hidden in the attic. Little did he know that the book held the key to unlocking the magic of the season.

6. Shaniqua's reflection in the tranquil pond revealed an enchanted world beneath the water's surface, filled with talking fish and shimmering autumn leaves. How had she stumbled into this hidden realm?

7. In the shadow of a towering oak tree, an old scarecrow named Scarecrow Bob watched the townsfolk prepare for the annual Pumpkin Festival. But what if this year's festival held a magical twist?

8. With the first frost of November, the town's pumpkin patch came to life. Now, the pumpkins weren't just pumpkins; they were animated creatures, and they had a thrilling adventure planned.

9. As the leaves danced on the chilly autumn breeze, Mia stumbled upon a door carved into the trunk of an ancient tree. Curiosity got the better of her, and she opened it to reveal a world of woodland wonder.

10. In the heart of the autumn harvest, the barn was no ordinary barn. Inside, a cornucopia was the portal to an enchanted realm filled with talking animals and endless surprises.

If you are looking for a no-prep printable and digital option ready to use, please download these free fall writing prompts:

FREE Fall Writing Prompts and Coloring Sheet

free fall writing prompts for elementary students

You will download a free set of three fall writing prompts and a coloring page. Each autumn writing prompt features a different reading levels allowing for easy differentiation in your literacy centers or fall classroom activities.

For your convenience, you will download both TPT digital EASEL and printable PDF resource formats.

Are you looking for even more fall creative writing prompts and coloring pages? This 80 page packet gives you 3 sets of 12 story starters for easy differentiation with your low, average, and high level learners. You will also receive 12 matching coloring pages.

Fall Writing Prompts and Coloring Sheets

autumn creative writing prompts story starters coloring sheets  

You will download three sets of fall writing prompts, vocabulary words, definitions, and coloring sheets. Each autumn writing prompt set features different reading levels allowing for easy differentiation in your literacy centers or fall classroom activities. You will download both printable and digital formats.

These fall writing prompt worksheets and coloring pages work well for your early finishers, morning work, review homework, center activities, formative writing assessments, independent work packet, emergency sub plans, and as extra practice for your ESL and special education students.

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