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Guest Bloggers

educational guest bloggers wanted

Why you should become a guest blogger?
  • Less time consuming than managing your own blog.
  • Up to 40,000 views per month on Blogger
  • Over 600,000 views per month on Pinterest (I've hit 1 million views in the past)
  • You may include a short bio with links to your store and/or blog.
Who may become a guest blogger?
  • K-6 educators, speech therapists, counselors, special education
  • Have the ability to write original and grammatically correct educational content
  • Have experience in the field of education
What content can guest bloggers submit?
  • Content must be free and useful for elementary education.
  • Content may not be focused on a product or service. The content should be able to stand alone and be able to be used without a product.
  • Short freebies are appropriate but should not be the focus. 
  • Word count should be between 700-1500 words.
  • Post must include one picture for pinning on pinterest. I prefer size 7.66"x11.48" portrait, and I recommend PowerPoint or Canva.
  • Classroom pictures are welcome! However, please no children's faces for privacy reasons.
  • Content must be solely written for Promoting Success Printables, Inc., and may not be submitted or published elsewhere. Plagiarism will be checked.
  • Content may not be controversial or political in nature.
How do I submit?
  • Fill out the application below, and I will contact you shorty. Thank you!