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Join PS Tribe

What is a PS Tribe?

A PS Tribe is a group of teachers at the same grade level as you.

The PS is short for Promoting Success, which is what this tribe will do for you and your students by giving you quality resources.

Why join a PS Tribe?

By joining a tribe, you will be given an instant download freebie appropriate for your grade level.

By letting me know your specific grade level, I will be able to share resources appropriate for your students.

I understand that my integers task cards are not appropriate for your first grade math centers.

My word families packet will not work for your fifth grade literacy lesson plans.

My fractions interactive notebook will be too easy for your sixth graders....

You get the idea, and I get the idea that you need resources for YOUR students, not every other grade level.

You will also:
  • Be notified of flash freebies and secret sales exclusive to PS Tribes
  • Learn about featured products and bestsellers
  • Have access to contact me directly to let me know what you need when you need it

to join a Promoting Success Tribe 
and receive a freebie for your grade level.

    Thank you so much for joining a tribe. I look forward to helping you and your students!

    You may find my privacy policy HERE.