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Monday, December 15, 2014

Free Christmas Activities for Your Classroom

Here are some Christmas activities ready to use in your classroom today!  I'm not sure of their original source, but am happy to give credit if you let me know! :)  Enjoy!

Christmas Activities Teachers Pay Teachers Promoting-Success

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Christmas Finger Play Rhyme

Jingle, jingle, jingle - there's excitement in the air.
(pretend to ring bell)

Jingle, jingle, jingle - Christmas time is here.
(twirl around once)

Thump, thump, thump - I hear a reindeer hoof.
(tap floor)

Jump in bed, pull the covers high:
(jump, cover eyes)

Santa's on the roof!!
(point upward)


 free printable Christmas writing papers

Here are 3 printable Christmas writing worksheets for your classroom. Each page features different picture with lines. These work well for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade students. ESL students and special education students also enjoy using them for creative writing activities.


Santa's Bag Oral Language Development

Use a pillowcase, gift back or sack for Santa's bag. Children are Santa's helpers. Each helper finds one item in the room to put in Santa's bag. Helpers return to front of class with items selected. Each helper describes the item he/she has and then places it in the bag. After all items are in the bag, helpers recall what is in the bag. Remove the items as they are named. Items that are not mentioned can be described by other children or an adult. Helpers then guess item that is described.


Vocabulary Games

This Sudoku type game could be adapted to many different content areas. 


Here is another fun game that could be adapted to any content area.


Christmas Tree Crafts

Give the students card stock and strips of different colored papers. Allow them to be creative by creating their own versions of a tree.  The idea is that each tree will be different.


How much does it cost?

Allow the students to browse the shopping ads to pick out 2-5 gifts they would like.  The students must then add up the costs.  Advanced students could write their own story problems.

For additional money practice, click HERE.

 Christmas math money task cards

You will receive six task cards to use in your 2nd grade, 3rd grade or special education math centers and stations as review games, test prep activities or as a quick formative assessment. You will also receive a student response form and answer key. 


Student may have a scavenger hunt or play a math game of SCOOT with these free Christmas math fractions task cards.

 free Christmas math fractions task cards games activities

Here are 6 task cards to use in your 3rd grade or special education math centers and stations as review games, test prep activities or as a quick formative assessment. You will also receive a student response form and answer key.


Student may also practice their multiplication and division skills with these free task cards.

 free Christmas math multiplication and division games activities and task cards

You will receive 6 Common Core task cards focusing on multi-digit multiplication and division with 2 digit divisors and no remainders.They work well as a math review or test prep in math centers or stations. A student response form is provided along with an answer key.

There are so many uses for these task cards, including math centers, group work, with board games, SCOOT, SCATTER or a scavenger hunt. Task cards are a great alternative to worksheets.


Okay, I had to throw this one in here.  But I do think your students could have fun with it.  Gather some children's instruments (or have students bring them from home).  Student may write and new song or work together to perform a current song.

Jimmy Fallon, Mariah Carey & The Roots 
"All I Want for Christmas is You" (with Classroom Instruments)


For 50 more printable Christmas teaching resources, click HERE.


You may also like these resources from our Amazon Associate store:

 Christmas ring toss game

Divide the students into teams.  When a student makes it on the ring toss, the student must answer a question or a task card in order to earn the point.  This could work for any content area.


 Find it game Christmas

The holiday season has a way of making some students more anxious or active.  This item would work well as a calming device in a center or quiet area.


 Christmas BINGO game
This game works well for indoor recess, as a whole class reward or for your holiday party.


 candy cane pens

Did you know these are special writing pens?  Try them in your writing centers for a little extra motivation!


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