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Monday, January 26, 2015

Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Winter Activities for Kids

We spotted this adorable Disney Frozen movie inspired snowman in our local library!

How cute is he?!

You may also enjoy this list of 10 snowman-themed activities for your classroom:

1. Snowman Math Challenge:

Have students draw a snowman and use it to practice addition and subtraction. Each section of the snowman represents a number, and students need to solve math problems to fill in the values.

2. Snowman Sight Word Search:

Write sight words on cut-out snowflakes and hide them around the classroom or outdoors. Students search for the snowflakes and create sentences using the words they find.

3. Snowman Science Experiment:

Explore the concept of melting by bringing in snow or ice cubes. Students can predict and observe how long it takes for a small snowman to melt, recording their observations in a mini science journal.

4. Snowman Creative Writing:

Ask students to imagine they are a snowman that has come to life. Have them write a short creative story or a letter from the perspective of the snowman, describing their adventures and experiences.

5. Snowman Art and Measurement:

Students can create their own unique snowmen using various art supplies. Incorporate measurement by having them measure the height and width of different parts of their snowman using non-standard units like paperclips or cubes.

6. Snowman Reading Comprehension:

Select a winter-themed book or short story related to snowmen. After reading, have students discuss the main characters, plot, and their favorite parts of the story.

7. Snowman Geography:

Integrate geography by exploring different types of snow and the regions where they occur. Discuss the characteristics of wet snow versus dry snow and its impact on building snowmen.

8. Snowman Puzzles:

Create simple crossword puzzles or word searches with snowman-related terms. Students can work individually or in pairs to solve the puzzles, reinforcing vocabulary and spelling.

9. Snowman Social Studies:

Explore winter traditions and celebrations around the world. Discuss how different cultures embrace and celebrate winter and the significance of snowmen in various traditions.

10. Snowman Coding Challenge:

Introduce basic coding concepts through a snowman coding activity. Create a grid on the floor or use a large paper, and have students use arrows or symbols to guide a "snowman" through a path, teaching them the basics of coding logic.
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