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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

If You Take a Mouse to School Activities

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An animated read aloud of If You Take a Mouse to School by Laura Numeroff

A cute video showing real life actions of the mouse!

Do some of the activities from the book with your class:

Decorate a shoe box as a lunch box.
Try your skill with a yo-yo.
Write on the chalkboard.
Do a simple science experiment.
Build a house with blocks.
Write a story book.
Read the book aloud to a friend.
Kick a soccer ball.
Shoot a basket.
Have a snack!

If You Take a Mouse to School Reader's Theater

Writing Activity

Have the students create their own sentences:

If you take a ___________ to school, ______________ will _______________.

Free Writing Paper

 Free writing paper

Review of School Rules

Complete the sentences:

If you take a child to school, he/she will _______________.

Examples:  listen nicely, raise his hand, be kind, ask for help, put supplies away, follow directions, make new friends, etc.

Illustrations Review

Examine the illustrations of the boy and mouse getting ready for school.

Student may write or discuss what they do to get ready for school each morning.

Favorite Animal

If you could bring your favorite animal to school, what would it be and why?

Students could bring a stuffed animal representing their favorite animal.  Students may research facts about their chosen animal, or write a pretend story of their animal's adventures in school.

Print All Around Us

As students read the book, encourage them to examine the pictures.  Notice there a words and numbers everywhere.  Encourage students to walk around the room to notice print in the real world. How about at home? At the grocery store? At the movies? Etc.

Math Application

Shapes, shapes, shapes!  There are shapes everywhere in this book.  Have students draw each shape they see in the book on a piece of paper or poster paper.  Don't forget to find shapes in your own classroom as well!

Mouse Puppet

Paper Plate Mouse (Alter the Easter Bunny LOL)

DIY Mouse Costume

Perhaps the teacher could show up to school as a mouse?
Wear gray pants and a gray jacket :)

Mouse Trap Online Game

Mouse Trap

If You Take a Mouse to School Crossword Puzzle

If You Take a Mouse to School Reading Comprehension Task Cards

Have a scavenger hunt or play SCOOT!

 If You Take A Mouse to School Book

 If You Take a Mouse to School Puppets

 Mouse Trap Game


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