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Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to Make Write On/Wipe Off Task Cards

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So, how can we make task cards even more fun?

Make them as write on/wipe off activities... Who doesn't love dry erase markers? Younger students can even use wax crayons on these.

1.  Create a document with 2.5" x 3.5" sized boxes.  I use PowerPoint 2010.  You can create any activities.

2. Insert them into baseball card plastic sleeves.  Ultra Pro 3"x4" Regular Toploader is one option.

You can purchase these at any local discount store. I purchased my from Walmart and Amazon.  I noticed Hobby Lobby has them as well - don't forgot to use their 40% off coupon.

Here they are in our Amazon Associate store:

 top loarder baseball card holder

3. Provide dry erase markers or wax crayons.  My favorite dry erase markers are by Quartet Rewritables.  I really like them because they have the eraser on the lid, they are smaller, and they are essentially odorless.

 dry erase markers with attached eraser
4. Finally, I store mine in recipe/index card boxes.


This one is old and the only one I had at home for a picture.  You can buy new ones at any discount store.  

 recipe card holder task cards box

5. Optional:  Another way to make write on/wipe off task cards, is to purchase recipe card protectors or to laminate them. This is a great option if your task cards do not fit into the baseball card holders.

 recipe card protectors

 laminating sheets for teachers

Amazon Best Seller:

 best selling laminator for teachers


 free task cards

Click HERE for over 75 FREE task card sets for math, literacy, social studies, science and more.

 free math science literacy ELA ESL task cards games


Here are some task cards that will work in top loader baseball card holders:

Teachers Pay Teachers Promoting-Success

What is so special about these tasks cards?  Well, they are made to fit in baseball card holders.
For some reason, students LOVE these.

You can even attach a magnet (I use the inexpensive peel/stick magnet strips.)

Then, stick them on your white board.

I buy my card holders at Walmart.
You may find them anywhere that sells baseball cards.

Teachers Pay Teachers Promoting-Success

Teachers Pay Teachers Promoting-Success

Teachers Pay Teachers Promoting-Success

An index card plastic box (or recipe box) works great for storage.


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