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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Order of Operations Rap Songs and Activities

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Here is a hip-hop version of PEMDAS by Flocabulary:

Order of Operations Math Rap by Mr. Tomai's class:

You may also be interested in using task cards in your classroom. Task cards may be used for a scavenger hunt, a game of SCOOT or for other movement games. Brain research shows us that movement increases student achievement. You may wish to try these free task cards to see how well they work in your classroom.

 order of operations games activities 5th 6th grade

You will receive six task cards for students must determine the missing sign. A student response form is provided along with an answer key. These cards work well as a Common Core review, test prep or as a quick formative assessment.


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★ You may also like this order of operations bundle to save TIME and MONEY: ★ 


 order of operations math posters anchor charts PEMDAS

You will receive a PEMDAs poster and 2 student graphic organizers for your 5th or 6th grade math centers. They are in color and in black and white.

Free Order of Operations Winter Theme Owls Task Cards

You will receive 10 owl themed task cards to use in your math centers or stations as review games, for test prep activities or as a quick formative assessment. A student response form and answer key are also included.

Grade 5 Common Core:
CCSS.Math.Content.5.OA.A.1 CCSS.Math.Content.6.EE.A.2c

For 30 additional cards to have a scavenger hunt or play a game of SCOOT:

Winter Math 30 Order of Operations Task Cards


Your students may also like this order of operations math card game:


Here is a whole brain teaching lesson about the order of operations.


Finally, this video shows some downsides of the order of operations and the need for parenthesis.


You may also like these order of operations resources from our Amazon Associate store:

 order of operations poster

 order of operations flash cards

 order of operations 5th 6th grade PEMDAS book


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