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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Winter Writing Prompts and Writing Papers

Here are some winter writing activities and story starters for your winter writing center.  You may download them (along with another free photo not shown here) in printable format HERE.

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Use the following photos to spark some creative writing in your classroom. For a printable version, click HERE.

Scroll down for free writing papers to go along with the story starters.

It all began when...

These were some magical skis....

I thought I was a good skier...

Winter Activities Writing Teachers Pay Teachers Promoting-Success

Rain or snow...we were going!

The pilot came on the radio...

The people in the airport couldn't believe their eyes!

Winter Activities Writing Teachers Pay Teachers Promoting-Success

We wondered what lurked in the snowy trees...

Those weren't shadows!

The beginning of our adventure...

Winter Activities Writing Teachers Pay Teachers Promoting-Success

At that moment...

We watched her snowboard fall...

This was going to be an epic trip!

Winter Activities Writing Teachers Pay Teachers Promoting-Success

How did this snowman get here?

When the snowman came to life...

This wasn't your typical beach vacation...


free winter writing prompts story starters literacy centers

Here are six photos to help your students with creative writing. Each card has three writing prompts. They work well in your literacy centers.

For 30 more winter writing prompts, click HERE.


free winter writing papers

You will receive three worksheets each with a different picture story prompt. These pages work well for elementary students, ESL, special education and autism. Students love special paper for their creative writing.

You may also like the full set of 25 winter writing papers, click HERE.


Here are some more winter writing activities for your elementary classroom:

Winter Wonderland Descriptions:

Encourage students to vividly describe a winter scene, incorporating sensory details to create a vivid picture of a snowy landscape. Emphasize the use of descriptive language.

Snow Day Narrative:

Have students write a narrative about the perfect snow day. They can include details about the activities they would do, the people they would spend time with, and the overall experience.

Winter Poetry:

Introduce various forms of poetry (haiku, free verse, acrostic) and have students create winter-themed poems. Focus on imagery, emotions, and seasonal elements.

Letter to a Snowman:

Ask students to imagine they have a snowman as a friend. Have them write a friendly letter to their snowman, sharing thoughts, experiences, and winter adventures.

Winter Research Report:

Assign students a winter-related topic (e.g., winter wildlife, holiday traditions, winter sports) and have them conduct research to write an informative report. Emphasize proper citation and organization.

Winter Journaling:

Have students keep a winter journal where they record their thoughts, experiences, and observations throughout the season. This can be done over an extended period to capture the changes in winter.

Winter Dialogue Story:

Challenge students to create a short story that revolves around a dialogue between two characters during a winter event. Focus on character development and effective dialogue writing.

Winter Persuasive Writing:

Ask students to write a persuasive piece advocating for their favorite winter activity or arguing against a common winter stereotype. Encourage them to use persuasive techniques to support their claims.

Winter Myth or Legend:

Task students with creating their own winter-themed myth or legend. This can involve inventing a winter creature, explaining the origin of a winter tradition, or crafting a tale set in a winter wonderland.

Winter Creative Writing Prompts:

Provide a series of creative writing prompts related to winter themes (e.g., "If I were a snowflake," "The day the snowmen came to life"). Allow students to choose a prompt that inspires them and craft a creative story.


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Students may color a page, then write a story about it.


winter penguin writing paper


types of writing posters classroom


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Note: These erasers also work well as math manipulatives.


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