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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Free Integers Lessons, Songs & Games

free integers 5th 6th grade activities math

In this blog post, you will find 10 free ideas for teaching about integers in your classroom.  You will find lessons, songs and games.  You will also find printable resources from our store, as well as some fun Amazon integer games.

free integer games and activities middle school

1. This video helps explain integers to students:

What is an Integer? PBS Math Club

2. Integer Addition and Subtraction Music Video - This is a kid favorite as they may even sing along!

6.  Math Integers Game - This could be done for addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

7. Bike Racing Math Integers Video Game Directions - Click HERE to play the game online.

8.  Scholastic Integer Football Game - Click HERE for free download and directions.

9.  Integers Task Cards - Have a scavenger hunt or play a game of SCOOT.

 free integers printable activities and games

 free pre algebra app


Click HERE to see lots more printable integer resources in our store.



 real world life integers for kids


Click HERE for Subtracting Integers Task Cards


 multiplying integers task cards games activities 6th 7th 8th grade

Click HERE for Dividing Integers Task Cards



You may also like these resources from our Amazon Associate store:

 BINGO integers


 positive and negative integers math cube games


 integers game for kids


 multiplying and dividing integers math BINGO game for kids

 math BINGO integers games


teaching integers middle school classroom activities

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