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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Goal Setting for Students

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Do you set goals with your students? The new year gives us opportunity to review our beginning of the school year goals, reflect on our accomplishments and revise as needed. Teachers have been trained to write their own SMART goals, and they are also very effective with students.




Attainable or Actionable

Realistic and Relevant

Time Bound

Watch this one minute video describing each step of SMART goals.

And, of course, who doesn't need a pep talk by Kid President?

Here are a few goal writing tips for your classroom.

1. Make sure each goal has a VERB. Here are some action verbs to get you started: acquire, become, complete, demonstrate, execute, formulate, generate, improve, locate, obtain, recite, resolve and summarize.

2. Break larger goals down into doable parts. For example, "Achieve an A in math." This may be broken down into doable parts, such as, complete all homework, attend all review sessions, meet one-on-one with the teacher, etc.

3. Develop a timeline for the larger goal and for each smaller step.

4. Identify resource to help achieve the goal. Some goals require outside resources, such as experts in certain fields, tutors, peers, parents, etc.

5. Conduct on-going progress monitoring. Depending on the range of the goal, set daily, weekly or monthly dates to stop, collect data and reassess if needed.

6. Make the goals visible. This may be publicly or privately visible; however, goals that are tucked away in a file without review do not achieve the best results.

7. Brainstorm potential barriers or roadblocks. How will these obstacles be overcome? Who may help prevent or eliminate these barriers?

8. All goals are successful as long as some progress occurred. Goals are valuable even without perfection. If the goal wasn't made, would have any progress occurred?

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