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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

TpT Seller Tip to Increase Sales

how to make more money on teachers pay teachers

How do you know what to do next as a TpT seller?

There are so many great tips for increasing your sales on Teachers Pay Teachers:






New Products


Pinning Courses

Email Marketing Courses

Sales Funnels

Ad Campaigns

and on and on!


Think about it...

In the classroom, what is the ONE main thing teachers must do to ensure students are achieving success?

I do YOU KNOW when students are achieving success?

How do YOU KNOW your methods and strategies are working?

How do YOU KNOW when they aren't working and you need to change it up?

You use a variety of assessments:






You LOOK at the data and analyze it.


tpt seller tips

Stick with me... I'll give you the link in a second from a seller who figured it out!

TpT is an amazing marketplace driving millions of traffic to our stores.

I've been selling since the beginning, and let me tell you, they have improved tremendously on giving us the ability to track URLs, access the sources of our traffic and sales from each.

We have the ability to download spreadsheets for any given time frame!


I mean I've sorted it, filtered it, but then struggled.

You see, over the years I've changed titles and changed prices.

Title changes mess with the filters! Ugh!

But there is an EASY SOLUTION!

I found this seller, TDS Resources, from a Facebook group.

I didn't even buy it right away. (DUH)

Finally, I decided the price was so reasonable, what did I have to lose?


but I GAINED a world of USEFUL data to make sound decisions for my store.

BTW, I don't get any commission from this and don't even know the seller.

I do know this is a legit spreadsheet and the seller is SUPER helpful!


Here is what this AUTOMATED DASHBOARD can do:

(Note: This is sample data, not from my actual account or the seller's.)
tpt selling tips sales data

how to make more money on tpt

Who doesn't love analyzing graphs?

Who doesn't want to know their top selling products by month?

Who doesn't want to know which titles were most successful?

It's not pictured but a fancy pivot table will show you so much more!

Actually, the pivot table is my FAVORITE part!

Here is a video explaining how it works as well:

So now what?

teachers who pay teachers

There are so many ways to use this data that will take your store to the next level.

How can it not?

Any time you are making data-driven sound decisions, success will follow.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

1. What were your most popular products sold last year? 

Make some related products and then bundle them all!

2, What are your best selling months? 

This may be a time to ramp up paid ads, social media posts or list new products.

3. What are your worst selling months? 

Are there holidays or other key events during those months? Create some products related to them to drive traffic in off months.

4. Is a holiday or event coming up? 

For example, use the pivot table to analyze Halloween or Christmas resources. Which titles worked best? What sold the most? Create more products related to your best sellers for that holiday or season.

5. Analyze the pivot table to determine during which month a specific product sells the most. 

Use social media, paid ads and email marketing to promote that product even more during its hot month.

To download instantly:

Then, please come back and leave some comments with more ideas on how you plan to use this amazing TpT seller resource!

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