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Thursday, March 9, 2023

St. Patrick's Day Crafts, Games, and Activities for Kids

Teachers, are you looking for some fun St. Patrick's Day crafts, decorations, games, and activities for your elementary classroom or for your kids at home? Here are several free ideas to get you started:


Shamrock Sun Catcher
Cut out a shamrock shape from a piece of clear contact paper. Then, fill the inside of the shamrock with different colors of tissue paper. When you're done, stick another piece of contact paper on top to seal it.

Pot of Gold Craft
Paint a paper plate black and then glue a smaller paper cup upside down in the center. Then, paint the cup gold and add a rainbow made from construction paper strips.

Rainbow Windsock
Cut a paper cup in half and paint it with rainbow colors. Then, attach streamers made from ribbon or crepe paper to the bottom. Hang it up outside to catch the wind.

St. Patrick's Day Wreath
Cut out shamrock shapes from green construction paper and glue them onto a foam wreath form. Add a bow made from ribbon and hang it on your door.

Shamrock Crown: Cut out a strip of green construction paper and measure it around your child's head. Then, cut out several shamrock shapes and glue them onto the strip. Attach the ends of the strip together to create a crown.

Lucky Charm Necklace
Cut out shamrock shapes from colorful felt and attach them to a ribbon or piece of elastic. Have your child add beads or other charms to create a personalized lucky charm necklace.

St. Patrick's Day Mason Jar
Paint a Mason jar with green paint and add a glitter shamrock to the front. Fill the jar with gold-wrapped candy or other St. Patrick's Day treats.

Craft Station:
Set up a craft station with supplies for making St. Patrick's Day-themed crafts, such as shamrock wreaths, paper plate leprechauns, or rainbow mobiles.

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St Patricks Day craft for kids


Shamrock Scavenger Hunt:
Hide shamrocks (paper or plastic) around the classroom or school and have students search for them. The student who finds the most shamrocks wins a prize.

Leprechaun Trap Building: Have students work in pairs or small groups to design and build a leprechaun trap. Encourage them to use materials they find around the classroom or school. After building, have students present their traps and explain how they work.

Irish Folk Tales: Read Irish folk tales to your students and encourage them to retell the stories in their own words. Discuss the themes and messages of each story.

St. Patrick's Day Bingo: Create a bingo card with St. Patrick's Day-themed words or images (e.g. shamrock, leprechaun, pot of gold, etc.). Call out the words or show the images and have students mark off the corresponding square on their bingo card.

Green Science Experiments: Conduct green-themed science experiments with your students. For example, you could make green slime or experiment with color mixing to create different shades of green.

Irish Dancing: Teach your students some traditional Irish dance steps and have them perform for the class.

St. Patrick's Day Trivia: Test your students' knowledge of St. Patrick's Day with a trivia game. Create questions about Irish culture, St. Patrick's Day traditions, or the history of the holiday.

Green Food Tasting: Bring in green foods (e.g. green apples, celery, grapes, etc.) and have students try them. Encourage them to describe the taste and texture of each food.

Green Clothing Contest: Have students dress in green for the day and hold a contest for the most creative or festive outfit.

You may wish to use these free task cards to have a St. Patrick's Day scavenger hunt or play a game of SCOOT:


Be sure to show respect for the Irish culture when engaging in any St. Patrick's Day activities.

Learn about the culture: Educate yourself about the history, language, and customs of Ireland. Read books, watch documentaries, or take courses to gain a deeper understanding of the country and its people.

Use appropriate language: Use proper terminology when referring to Irish people, places, and things. Avoid using stereotypes, slurs, or offensive language.

Celebrate the culture: Celebrate Irish holidays and festivals, such as St. Patrick's Day or the Galway Oyster Festival, in a respectful manner. Participate in events and activities that showcase the culture.

Respect sacred sites: Show respect for Ireland's sacred sites, such as burial mounds, cairns, and megaliths. Do not remove or damage any artifacts, and do not disturb any areas marked as sacred.

Listen to Irish music: Listen to traditional Irish music and appreciate its unique sound and history. Avoid using Irish music for commercial purposes or misusing it in any way.

Respect Irish cuisine: Appreciate the richness and diversity of Irish cuisine, which includes dishes such as soda bread, Irish stew, and colcannon. Do not appropriate Irish cuisine or misrepresent it in any way.

Avoid cultural appropriation: Avoid appropriating Irish culture, such as wearing inappropriate costumes or accessories that mock or stereotype the culture.

Show genuine interest: Show genuine interest in Irish culture and traditions, and be open to learning from Irish people about their customs and beliefs.

By showing respect for Irish culture, we can build bridges of understanding and appreciation between different cultures and communities.

You may also wish to have your students use these free writing papers to research and learn more about Irish culture and the history of St. Patrick's Day.

Free St patricks day writing papers for kids

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