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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

FREE Martin Luther King, Jr. Video and Discussion Questions

Here is a short three minute video to help elementary students learn an overview of Martin Luther King's life. Scroll down past the questions to click on the actual video.

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Read or write the following discussion questions on the board prior to watching the video.

Discussion Questions

1.  What was Martin Luther King's given birth name?

2.  Where did he grow up?

3.  What was the major cause of many injustices in his life?

4.  What did Martin Luther King's father do for a job?

5.  When did he change his name?

6.  Where did he go to college?

7.  Who did he marry?

8.  What were the two main topics of Dr. King's preachings?

9.  What was the main reason for the bus boycott?

10. What woman was also involved in the Supreme Court decision that bus segregation was unconstitutional?

11. Who named him "Man of the Year?"

12.  When and what was his most famous speech?

13. What did he mean by, "Let freedom ring"?

14.  How did he die in 1968?

Answer Key

1. Michael King, Jr.

2. Atlanta, Georgia

3.  The color of his skin was the cause.

4.  He was a pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church.

5.  He changed his name after visiting Germany.

6. He went to Boston University.

7.  He married Coretta and had four children.

8.  He preached for peace and civil rights.

9.  It promoted the desegregation on buses.  The white people sat up front and had priority seating.

10. Rosa Parks

11. Time Magazine

12.  Over 250,000 people attended the Washington Monument to hear his "I Have a Dream" speech.

13. He wanted all individuals to be equal with equal rights together.

14.  He was assassinated.


Listen to the I Have a Dream speech by Martin Luther King, Jr.


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