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Friday, August 21, 2015

Back to School Teamwork Games and Activities for Classrooms

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 ice breaker ball for kids back to school activities

It provides an excellent way for children to get to know each other and feel more comfortable in a large group.  There are 72 questions included.


 ice breaker activities for back to school

It provides an excellent way for children in groups to get to know each other while practicing their reading skills. There are 50 questions included with colorful and engaging illustrations. It can be used at school in organized classroom activities.

 indoor or outdoor team building activity collaboration problem solving

Collaboration Vs Competition - What should a team's strategy be? In this activity participants will discover that competitive spirit works only up to a point but it is collaboration that actually builds success. As the game develops, it becomes apparent that working towards a common goal yields far better results. The activity revolves around a profit maximization objective. The game offers lesson in collaboration both within teams as well as across teams. A glimpse into Win Win Win. The activity consists of 5 rounds. If you like, the 5 teams could be given names that reflect different departments or functions in your organization. The game works well for intra-departmental collaboration as well as inter- departmental collaboration. The 5 teams are arranged around a large loop and the exercise requires the participants to collect balls from the central loop as well as from other teams. These balls represent organization profits and the challenge in the exercise is to maximize profits. In a variation to the game, you can defuse the competition between teams by combining the profits earned across teams in each round. In such a scenario, the teams will have several opportunities over the 5 rounds to improve the overall profits for the organization. This will highlight the benefits of identifying a common goal and collaborating rather than competing to achieve the highest possible score/profit. What will the group learn from Win Win Win? To need to rise above individual goals. Divergent goals are counter-productive for the organization. Collaboration between teams can take the organization forward but if teams compete for limited resources it is detrimental for the success of the organization. Reflect and judge for themselves the current state in your organization: Where is this competitiveness happening in our organization right now? Are there projects right now that would benefit from more collaboration.


 team building flag game for kids

Move objects to their targets. But, be careful. It's a treacherous path to travel! Our team-building transfer challenge adds a new dimension to cooperative games. Instead of being attached, the support ropes slide through the platform requiring participants to give and take up line in order to navigate the Treacherous Transfer to its goal!


 don't lose your marbles team building game for kids

Students will learn to work together to transport the marbles through a chain of PVC tubes. Students need to line their tubes up properly while thinking and acting quickly so that they don't lose their marbles! As the marbles work their way through each tube, students at the beginning run down to the end, keeping the marble moving in a continuous flow of motion!


 cooperative band for team building back to school classroom

Explore body movement and balance. This soft and stretchy band is made of elastic cord covered with multi-colored fabric and is designed for group movement and cooperation activities. Holds 2-5 participants.
 walking stride team building back to school pe gym activities

Six-person walking platform for improving teamwork while developing coordination, cooperation, and communication skills.  Requires team members to simultaneously lift and move same leg as they pull up with same hand for walking forward, backward, or sideways.

 cooperative blanket for kids

Heavy-duty, four way stretch Lycra fabric ring is 60"W and stretches to a full 16' diameter as it supports the weight of up to 15 participants.


 parachute cooperative learning team builder for kids

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With over 25 years of experience, as creator; eWonderWorld set the standards for many toys and games. The Wonder Parachute is the latest product in our store. It's polka dot design with well over 100 games that can be played will keep kids entertained. Wonder Parachute is a great way to promote group activities and teamwork!


 don't touch me team building game

 don't touch me team builder game

Participants must overcome frustration and resist the temptation to blame each other in order to accomplish the task. They learn that in the face of challenge it is often easier to sacrifice integrity and end up behaving opposite of their intention. This exercise reveals this tendency in a profound manner and helps participants choose healthier ways of reacting. The team members must work through frustrations and differences of opinions to solve this magically difficult event. Have fun and don't blame it on My Ego! Whether inside or outside, be sure to have enough room for the group to try different ideas, but be careful not to let them try something dangerous. Groups frequently become very creative and will try things they normally would not. What comes in Don't Touch Me? The team building activity comes in an easy-to-use storage bag and will include the following: 1. Comprehensive information on purpose of the game, how to set it up, the storyline and the safety measures necessary during the course of the exercise. 2. Instructions on how to debrief the exercise and questions that you should ask the participants. 3. Professional materials and props necessary to conduct the exercise. 4. Everything you need to provide a good quality, well thought out and meaningful team building experience for your group.


 teamwork book for kids

RJ’s having another bad day... His teacher wants him to work with bossy Bernice, messy Frankie, and Norma (who just sits and picks her nose) on a report about Egyptian mummies. After a frustrating school day with his team, RJ goes home to find only one cookie left in the jar. And his mom makes him share it with his sister! With the help of his coach, RJ learns that working as a team and sharing are skills needed not just on the soccer field, but in school and at home too!


 teamwork book and activities

Former teacher and school counselor Julia Cook has created entertaining games and engaging activities (using everything from jigsaw puzzles and beach balls to spaghetti and marshmallows) that teach students in grades K-6 the social skills of working as a team and sharing. This guide offers everything teachers need: instructions, lists of materials when needed, activity sheets, homework ideas, and suggestions on variations and extensions. A CD includes all of the reproducible pages including reward coupons in full color that can be used to recognize students who master and use the skills appropriately. Any teacher with students who squabble when they need to share or who have trouble working together, can use the creative ideas in this book to bring more cooperation and caring to the classroom.


You may also like these printable posters to promote teamwork:

This a great poster to remind students to include others.

 printable classroom poster for kids

This poster celebrates diversity.

 diversity poster classroom printable kids quote

This poster defines the behavior of a team.

 teamwork definition quote poster for classroom teacher kids

This poster reinforces we are all on the same team!

 motivational teamwork quote teacher classroom kids


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