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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Telling Time Games

Do your students become frustrated when learning to tell time? Do you want to make it fun AND help to students achieve success? Here are 5 FREE telling time games ideas to use in your math classroom.

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1. Telling Time Game (Similar to BINGO)

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This game may be played in a math center with partners, or as a whole class game (with partners).

Step 1: Write a list of 20-30 times on the board.

Step 2: Instruct the students fold a piece of paper into 8 squares.

Step 3: The teacher shows a time on the clock.  If a student has the time on his board, he should cover it with a sticky note, piece of paper, paper clip, or some other object.

Step 4: The student who fills in all eight squares wins.

The winner could then show times on the clock for the next game.

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 student clock for the classroom

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2. Crazy Clock Online Game - Great for Your Interactive Whiteboard

 portable interactive whiteboard system

No whiteboard? No problem. The IPEVO Interactive Whiteboard System, or IS-01, transforms most any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard. Pair IS-01 with a computer and projector, and in just a few simple steps you can draw and annotate on a projected "board" large enough for the entire class — up to 100"! Your drawings, gestures and highlights will all appear on the live image in real time. IS-01 is even compatible with a wide variety of software programs, meaning you'll be able to control what's on screen, just as if you were at the computer. With its teacher-friendly operation and ease of use, IS-01 is sure to become a favorite in your classroom.


3. Telling Time Task Card Games (Have a scavenger hunt, play SCOOT or other games.)

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Here are some FREE telling time task cards to get you started:

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 free telling time task cards games activities for kids

 free download printable telling time for kids homeschool

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 telling time printable games worksheets activities for kids


4. Award Winning Children Telling Time App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, by GiggleUp


5. Play "What Time Is It, Mr. Fox" (Similar to "Mother, May I?") - Author Unknown

Ask students to line up side by side in the gym, open classroom or outside.  along one end of a gymnasium or outdoor field.

The teacher or a chosen student is Mr. (or Mrs.) Fox.  Mrs. Fox stands on the opposite side not facing the students.

The students say, "What time is it, Mrs. Fox?"

Mrs. Fox shouts out a time (e.g. "It’s four o’clock!"), and turns around to face them.

The students take four steps towards Mrs. Fox, and he turns around so his back is facing the rest of the class again.

This process continues, with the students asking Mrs. Fox for the time, and then taking the appropriate number of steps towards him (2 o’clock = 2 steps, 5 o’clock = 5 steps, etc.).

When the line of students gets close to Mr. Fox, he shouts out, "Midnight!" when the children ask for the time, and then chases and tags the closest student, who will be the next Mr. or Mrs. Fox.


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Learn to tell time in this fast paced cooperative game. The goal of this game is to get the clock to the right place in time. Players work together to move the hands of the clock and get it to read the time on the 12 clock cards. If the time is passed on a clock card, that clock busts! Match the clocks without busting three times and everybody wins! An educational game the whole family will love.

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