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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why Use File Folder Games in the Classroom?

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File folder games are a way for students to practice various skills independently.
They work well in learning centers for lower elementary, special education and for students with autism or Aspergers. They provide extra practice and enrichment.

Independent activities, such as worksheets and file folder games, have often received negative feedback for their usage. However, they have many benefits:

  1. Scaffold skills
  2. Provide extra practice
  3. Improve behavior by keeping students active
  4. Reinforce time on task skills
  5. Promote independent work skills
  6. Allow students to self-correct
  7. Address different learning styles
  8. Provide early finishers with meaningful work
  9. Help students feel success and a sense of accomplishment
  10. Break down skills into manageable tasks

All too often, classrooms are in constant movement with constant directions and interventions from an adult or paraeducator.  Students struggle with self-management simply because they haven't been given the opportunity to practice managing themselves.  There is nothing wrong with requiring students to complete independent work IF the tasks have a clear purpose and align with teaching objectives (i.e. NOT busy work). In fact, I would say these types of tasks are highly beneficial for life long working/learning skills.

 If a student is never allowed to manage his/her own behavior without constant adult intervention, how can we as teachers realistically expect this desired behavior?

How do you use independent tasks in your classroom?


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